Sustaining Attitude for 2021: Attitude for Tough people

Robert Schuller once said, Tough times never last, but tough people do. The year 2020 took the world unawares. Consequently, it shattered and battered the plans of many people. Some people got themselves on track after a period of staggering, others never did. It is alright that the unexpected occurrence of 2020 succeeded in painfully altering our plans, but we cannot afford to let the year 2021 unnecessarily temper with our plans, design, goals, and vision. Our experience of 2020

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“Joy to the world the lord has come”: Celebrating Christmas and Ending the Year 2020 with Joy

Christmas reminds us of the joy the birth of Jesus Christ brings to the world. The joy that sustains us in the midst of sorrowful, mournful, and difficult situations. Joy to the world the lord has come, let every heart repeat the sounding joy. People who give too much attention to negative stories and narratives and do not understand the spirituality, the psychology and process of multiplying joy conclude that it is impossible to be joyful in the times we

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Relationship matters, but your purpose may matter more…

There is a craving in every human person for relationship, friendship, or socialization. This is because human beings are by nature social. They are designed to be engaged with others and not to be in isolation. This innate desire to relate with others is expressed in marriage, friendship, and is the basis for the formation of human communities. As human beings attempt to fulfill this innate desire, they are often confronted with a difficulty—the ability to get the best out

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Three ways to transform and manage conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable but they can be handled, transformed, and managed in order that they may not escalate into violence. Johan Galtung offers us three ways conflicts can be transformed: Empathy, non-violence, and creativity. Empathy: Before ever you intensify your hatred for anyone or justify your position, put yourself in the person’s shoe. It may be something more than what you are thinking. Non-violence: ‘Ignorance’ or narrow understanding of peace may make direct violence or use of force appear a

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7 simple steps that will launch you into living a purpose-driven life

Mark Twain once said: “the two important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. From time to time you may find yourself greeted with an unexpected feeling or desire to embark on something that will positively change the life of people around you.  This feeling can keep you restless for days. That is your purpose knocking at your door. You have two options: either to act on that feeling and

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Jesus stands among us in the midst of the lockdown

Across the globe, many countries are on lockdown because of the fear of the spread of COVID-19.  This event, reminds us  of the experience of  Jesus’ disciples in the gospel of John 20:19-31: “On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being shut where the disciples were, for  fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace be with you’”. As we are forced into solitary behind our

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