The more you grow in self awareness, the more Empowered you become. Spend time and energy asking the question who am I? It will  increase your level of self awareness. When you grow in self awareness, you do not need the validation of others.

Waiting for a perfect time to start fulfilling your dreams might lead to the end of your dream. There’s no perfect time, start doing what you are called to do, make mistakes and learn from it. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from starting what you are called to do. You will get better as you start, don’t procrastinate, keep moving. Remember the Greatest sages in history were not perfect from beginning. There just didn’t give up on their dreams. START TODAY.

Beginnings are always beautiful moments. God gives us fresh beginning every day to try again, to help others, to do something new and to be optimistic.

As we begin New Month today, it is an opportunity to start again, work on your dreams, fight for what you want, read new books that help you grow, make new friends that inspire you and live with a positive mindset.

Happy New Month!

If you want to go far in life, never define yourself based on your experiences in the past, it will only limit you and put you in a box. The best way to define yourself is by considering who you are becoming. You are not perfect, you are Growing and becoming the best version of yourself everyday.

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