What is impressed in the subconscious mind, is expressed on the screen of space… Your subconscious mind is one with infinite intelligence and boundless wisdom. It is fed by hidden springs, and is called the law of life. Whatever you impress upon your subconscious mind, the latter will move heaven and earth to bring it to pass. You must, therefore, impress it with right ideas and constructive thoughts (Murphy J.).


There is restlessness in every human person. The human person is continuously in search for something. It is a search for peace, for happiness, for love, for joy, for justices, for life’s purpose, for fulfillment, etc. In the final analysis, it is a search for a Divine encounter.
Different paths are taken by different people in search of these eternal ideals. Religion, spirituality, alcohol, violence, sex, magic, cultism and many more are few examples of the paths people take trying to satisfy their yearning for Divine encounter. As beautiful as the search for this Divine encounter is, if not properly guided, can bring destruction to the human person instead of bringing the human person to encounter the Divine. Ignorance, fanaticism and quest for bodily pleasure can blur our search for a genuine Divine encounter in a noble way.
The experience of the Divine greets us with timelessness, egolesness and mindlessness. At this point, the human person experiences the Divine in a unique way. It is a heavenly experience; one beholds the glory of God. It is a foretaste of what heaven is like. This was the experience of Peter on Mount Tabor (Mark 9:2-10). Nothing at this moment of encounter matters to the human person. The human person desires this experience every second. But as long as we are in this body, the experience does not last.
What would be the best path to be followed by human beings in order to arrive at this experience without jeopardizing our common humanity, our dignity, our spirituality and the Divine principles and laws?
Genez Inspiration is meant to inspire us through its articles, counseling, training and sharing inspiring quotes from around the world. We hope that by reading through our materials it will help you meditate, become aware of our need of Divine encounter, inspire you to toe the path that is not destructive, help you discern your purpose through this encounter and inspire you to share with others your potentials which is the reason behind any gift.
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