From Mental Slavery to Mental Freedom

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery…

None but ourselves can free our minds”-Bob Marley

In our struggle for emancipation generally, there are things for which we look unto God, there are things we look unto other people for and there are things we must do for ourselves. Let us concentrate on things we must do for ourselves.

The first and the biggest thing we can do for ourselves is to declare mental freedom.  We today live in world where people hardly pay attention to what is going on within them. People are so much interested on the voices outside of them, than the voices within.  We invest our energy on what people are thinking about us than the things we really want to do.

There is so much hatred, unforgiveness, jealousy, anger, depression, competition, fear, worries, guilt, etc. All these affect our mental freedom and our mental health. The implication is that they form mental blocks which knowingly or unknowingly will affect our understanding of who we are and the clarity of what we want.  This can keep us stagnant and frustrated in life.

In my study of idealism, I learnt that things first exist as ideas before they can physically exist. This means that whatever you cannot picture mentally, you cannot behold physically. Whatever manifests itself physically without first been established mentally, does not last. Motivational speakers will refer to this as law of attraction.

Mental slavery is when you fail to see the good things in you, when you refuse to believe in your ideas and intuitions and allow other people to determine the rhythm of your life for you. There is no doubt that we can leverage on others for our emancipation but the very core of the struggle for emancipation lies within us. “The truth is that everything that man has ever looked for or aspired to be is within his very core. To know this, is to know that by which everything else is known. It is the secret behind creation and dissolution. It is the “master plan”. -Arazu When you cannot mentally hold a picture of who you want to be is also a mental slavery.

Indeed as Bob Marley rightly pointed it out, “none but ourselves can free our minds.” Spend time every day in silence and listen to yourself. You will discover what I consider three most important things that separate the best from the rest: self-discovery, Time and mindset. Those you admire as the best, invested their time and energy into discovering who they really are. They managed their time effectively and they live with a positive mindset. 

From mental Slavery to mental Freedom

  1. Believe in yourself and be confident about it. Always say loudly, I am good enough. Everything is possible, I mean it. Everything is possible if you are able to connect to yourself. When you truly connect to yourself, you will find God in an amazing manner. He makes all things possible.
  2. Be creative in your imagination and visualization. Be clear about what you want
  3. Know your passion. What do you do with so much excitement and interest? How to get money, how to be wealthy, how to be successful, how to be famous should not be your driving force. You will end up pursuing shadow. Spend time to discover your real passion and develop it.
  4. Read books to increase your knowledge. Readers they say are leaders.
  5. Learn new skills. Never be comfortable. A story was told of a man who was very good and repairing typewriter those days typewriters where invoked. When computers gradually began to replace typewriters, one of his friends who had insight came to him and encouraged him to learn how to repair computer. The man laughed at his friend and told him that his father married and trained them through typewriter repairing skill. The man believed that he would continue to be relevant even when computers flood the market. Unfortunately, as computer took over civilization, the man became jobless. “It is better to be skilled than lucky.”
  6. Associate with people who inspire you not those who are full of negativity. You become like people you closely associate with.
  7. Love, forgive, be eager to help and do your best to be at peace with everyone.
  8. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Make a lot of mistakes but learn from them.

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