Relationship matters, but your purpose may matter more…

There is a craving in every human person for relationship, friendship, or socialization. This is because human beings are by nature social. They are designed to be engaged with others and not to be in isolation. This innate desire to relate with others is expressed in marriage, friendship, and is the basis for the formation of human communities.

As human beings attempt to fulfill this innate desire, they are often confronted with a difficulty—the ability to get the best out of their relationships leading to the fulfillment of yet another drive in them—their purpose. Although, the human person desires relationship, friendship or socialization, the desire however, has to be grounded on the fact that he or she actualizes himself or herself. In other words, it is good to relate with everyone, but it is more fulfilling to be in relationship with people who will help you fulfill your purpose and passion.

Nothing is more frustrating than to discover at some point within a relationship or friendship that a relationship or friendship is not advancing one’s purpose and hence the feeling of unfulfillment, confusion, restlessness. The first reaction is to quit the relationship. You may quit your relationship again and again and encounter the same problem. This raises a fundamental question: how do we reconcile our desire for relationship/ friendship and our desire to fulfill our purpose? What should determine the basis for entering a relationship: our innate desire to relate or the drive in us to fulfill our purpose? Should I base my relationship on who share the same purpose with me or will advance my purpose, or should I begin relating with everyone and along the line focus on my purpose?

The fact remains that relationship, friendship or socialization is very important and natural to human beings, they are however sweeter when within them, one fulfills his/her purpose, or passion. The absence of this sweeter aspect of it, sometimes bring about conflict in communities, societies, marriages, and in different kinds of relationship.

Quitting a relationship or in the case of marriage, divorce, is not the solution. The solution lies in one’s ability to answer the questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I really want? It does not matter what is happening to your relationship, if you are able to answer these questions sincerely, they have a way of  ratifying your relationships and scrutinizing the kind of people that come into your life.

Yes, relationships are sweet, but they are sweeter when your purpose is fulfilled within them.

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