Sustaining Attitude for 2021: Attitude for Tough people

Robert Schuller once said, Tough times never last, but tough people do. The year 2020 took the world unawares. Consequently, it shattered and battered the plans of many people. Some people got themselves on track after a period of staggering, others never did. It is alright that the unexpected occurrence of 2020 succeeded in painfully altering our plans, but we cannot afford to let the year 2021 unnecessarily temper with our plans, design, goals, and vision. Our experience of 2020 has taught us great lessons. We have learnt from our failures and we are better equipped for the year 2021. Things have drastically changed, and we have got to change our strategies. Things must be done differently in 2021 if we expect better results.

I am glad to share with you what I call sustaining attitude for tough people. It is my conviction that this attitude will help us maximize the best of 2021.

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Life by design: No one embarks on any kind of construction without a design. Tailors, carpenters, shoemakers, architects, building engineers begin their projects with a drawing plan. Life too must have a drawing plan. The first step towards having a better 2021 is to have a design—a drawing plan for the kind of life you want to live in 2021. It will help one to have a beautiful construction of one’s life by the end of the year.

Vision: I consider vision as a mental roadmap. It gives one sense of purpose, clarity, discipline, and commitment. It conditions the way one lives in the present as one fixes his or her eyes on where he or she wants to be in the future.  Vision is future in the present. How do you want to feel by December 2021? What would you want to count or see as your achievements? Why do you want to feel the way you want to feel and why do you want to count or see those achievements? Write your vision down and make it become part of you.

Goal setting: Goals are simple steps one takes on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to help one attain his or her vision. If your vision in life for instance is to become a successful entrepreneur, your goals are the action plans daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly that will take you closer to your vision.

Gratitude: This is a mental exercise that helps us detoxify our minds, refusing to believe in negativity, accepting every challenge and failure as opportunities to grow and insisting to be neutral towards our experiences. The attitude of gratitude lifts us above limiting factors of our lives.

Self-Confidence: Everyone is unique and different. Self-confidence is insisting on your uniqueness, letting others become curious about the things you believe in and the way you do things and making them believe in what you believe. If you are not confident in the way you do things and, in the things, you believe, no one will believe in you. Be confident in yourself and in your plans for 2021 and you will make the best out of the year.

Courage: Even with the best life design, vision, goals, and self-confidence, without courage, one cannot make a single step towards actualizing one’s plans. Courage is the ability to act and take a bold step amidst one’s fears and uncertainties. Ironically, the fear and uncertainty are most of the times not real. If you are sure about it, begin it, that is all you need.

Patience: At some point in life, one may find himself or herself helpless in the pursuit of his or her plans and vision. Patience is the ability to wait, knowing that it requires other people and ultimately, God to have our plans actualized, our dreams fulfilled, and our vision materialized. Patience reminds us that the process of getting one’s plan actualized, dreams fulfilled, and vision materialized may delay, but it is never a reason to give up.

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